List of Lagos Markets for Wholesale Used UK Phones.

If you looking for the best deals for UK-used smartphones in Lagos state, Nigeria, there are only a few places you should look at.

These Markets are known for this type of business because of a cluster of major importers who are ready to sell at really competitive prices.

Buying UK-used phones, be it iPhones, Samsung, and the rest is a sure profitable way to start a business.

In this post, we will talk about the best Lagos Markets for buying UK used phones.

1. Ikeja Computer Village.

Ikeja Computer Village is arguably the biggest phone and computer accessories market in the whole of Africa.

You will find major importers of UK used phones, and other phone accessories there.

Ikeja computer village is their headquarters for phones in Lagos, and possibly Nigeria.

This is even made easier because the market is just a throw from the airport.

If you are looking for the best deals for UK-used phones, Ikeja Computer Village must be your first call.

Locating Ikeja Computer Village is simple, just find your to Ikeja, and you will soon be in the most popular gadget market in Africa.

2. Alaba International.

Alaba International is known for music types of equipment and other forms of electronics, but it is also a powerhouse for used UK phones for wholesale prices.

Alaba is home to many importers of smartphones, and if you are looking for wholesale deals, Alaba is ready for you.

Locating Alaba is pretty straightforward.

Find your way to Oshodi or Mile 2, and you will easily be walking into Alaba International Market.

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3. Saka Tinibu Market

This market may not be popular with people outside of Lagos but this market is a good stop for UK used phones at wholesale.

The market is located on Lagos Island, and you can find good deals there.


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