List of Lagos Wholesale Markets for Cosmetic Products.

Lagos state is home to any type of product you are looking for, especially in wholesale.

With the country’s port and a high cluster of importers in Lagos, you will basically find anything you want in Lagos.

If you are looking to buy cosmetics products in wholesale, there are different markets for that in Lagos.

If you looking for cosmetic products like makeup products, body care products, hair care, personal care, and a lot more, these markets in Lagos will offer you some of the best prices possible, and variety too.

1. Trade Fair Complex

Trade Fair complex is one of the biggest cosmetics products market in Lagos, and possibly Nigeria.

It has the offices for plenty huge cosmetic brands, and a host of importers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.

Finding the best prices are easy too, as the market is one of the best planned markets in Lagos, and you can easily find and haggle prices for whatever you want.

How to get to Tradefair Market.

To get to trade fair market is easy, use the following steps to get to trade fair.

From your destination, finds your way to Mile 2, Festac, Or Iyana Iba, then get a connecting bus, ride or bike to Trade Fair Market.

Trade Fair is very popular and you should have no issues finding it.

Just say Tradefair Market.

2. Balogun Market, Lagos Island

Balogun Market is known for a lot of things and one of those things is for cosmetic products.

As an always busy market, you will find different cosmetic products importers, wholesales, and retailers there.

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There are also a variety of products and you can find really good prices for cosmetics products in the market.

How to get to Balogun Market, Lagos.

Although Balogun is hidden in center on Lagos Island, finding the market is not that hard.

First, find your way to CMS or Marina, then locate the UBA Bank Headquarters there, along the BDC road. Right behind, you will find Balogun Market.

There are different routes to this market depending on where you are coming from, but finding these CMS or Marina would be easiest way for you, if you don’t know the two well enough.

There are other smaller Markets in Lagos where you can find cosmetic products for good prices, but if you looking for Wholesale deals and the prices possible, then these two Markets are where you should be.


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