How to Track Your Shipping on Speedaf.

If you are looking to buy things on AliExpress, speedaf is going to come in handy for you for the shipping and delivery of your orders.

Speedaf is a logistics company that tries to improve shipping experiences online, especially on AliExpress.

Speedaf Shipping Methods

To use Speedaf, you just need to purchase on AliExpress. Speedaf is listed as one of the shipping options on AliExpress.

Speedaf has tracking numbers that rang

Speedaf has two shipping options…

1. Economy Shipping.

This shipping method is usually free and has a tracking number that ends with E. This means that this delivery is self-pick-up. You have to visit their office to receive the item you shipped.

NB: Speedaf has the option that allows you to pay a #400 to have them deliver it to you.

2. Registered Shipping:

This shipping method is usually paid but can also be enjoyed with some free delivery items.

It is not clear how Speedaf decides which item is registered though but in most cases, most paid deliveries fall under the registered package.

The tracking number usually ends with “R”. This means that the package is registered and is to be delivered to you by Speedaf.

You do not need to go pick it up yourself.

How to Track Your Shipping on Speedaf.

After placing your order on AliExpress, you will be given a tracking number like this.

Copy this number and go to the speedaf tracking website here.

Paste the tracking number here and see all the information about your shipment.

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You will find a steady breakdown of the movement of your item.

Speedaf Nigeria Contact Information

If you have any questions about your order tracking or even inquiries, then you can reach Speedaf through any of their contact information below.

Mon-Fri 8:00 am-5:00 pm, Sat 8:00 am-2:00 pm
Phone: +234 800 070 7070
Phone: +234 708 063 6400


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